Nolet’s Silver Gin

Crafted with Real Botanicals

NOLET’S Silver Gin features a unique combination of botanicals never before used in gin that was created for a new generation of gin drinkers. The floral and fruit-forward gin is bottled at 47.6% Alc./Vol. (95.2 Proof).



Taste of the10th &11thGeneration

Eleventh generation sons, Carl Jr. and Bob Nolet, collaborated with their father Carolus Sr. to create NOLET’S Silver. NOLET’S Silver is an undeniably modern take on gin, reflecting the tastes and preferences of a new generation. Carl Jr. and Bob invite you to experience NOLET’S Silver Classic Cocktail Collection.



Cocktailing at Home

So, you’re hankering for a cocktail, but your bar isn’t stocked. We’ve got you! If you have a bottle of NOLET’S Silver, you’re in luck. The botanicals we use in NOLET’S – notably rose,…

Gin + Soda, Simplicity Defined

There are countless quotes, cliches, and proverbs about the power of simplicity, from Confucius, "life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated" to Leonardo da Vinci, "simplicity is…

Barrel Aged

The process of aging a high-octane cocktail in a flavorful oak barrel imparts a complex and cohesive element, along with a woody undertone. As the alcohol interacts with the wood, something…

Gin Up The Tonic

Winston Churchill once declared that “The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire.” Served in a highball or a “Copa Balon” the Gin and Tonic, is…

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The Perfect Gift

For Any Occasion

This beautifully crafted high quality crystal gin glass has a balloon bowl atop a long stem that’s perfect for experiencing the botanical aromas of NOLET’S Silver while accommodating an array of garnishes and ice.


Visit OurDistillery

Visit OurDistillery

The history of Nolet Distillery goes back more than 325 years; a rich history that still defines our success with each passing day. This success stems from cherishing traditions and from the fact that every Nolet generation has the courage to look ahead and beyond.


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