We believe in the importance of sustainability to help the planet by minimizing our footprint, working on green initiatives, and investing in charities that support these goals.

In Schiedam, Holland the Nolet Family Distillery is partially powered by a 141-foot tall wind turbine built in 2005. This green electric power symbolizes the Nolet family’s commitment to reducing the company’s footprint and is home to a hospitality lounge and cinema while reflecting Dutch heritage. Other energy-saving measures include an underground thermal storage system to heat and cool the distillery.

In 2007, the 85-meter tunnel that runs between the distillery and logistics center was nominated for the first Dutch Building Prize and won the Schreuders Prize for underground construction.  The tunnel is the longest private tunnel in the Netherlands, and it minimizes traffic in the transport of raw materials and packaged products to be distributed throughout the world.

In the US, the Nolet Spirits office in Aliso Viejo, CA is powered by 360 solar panels that provide 75% of the energy needs. The system offsets 18,000 gallons of gas or avoids 122 tons of emissions. In addition, we transitioned to LED lighting and have drought-tolerant landscaping.

Our efforts don’t end there. Nolet Distillery has an ambitious sustainability plan for 2030 aiming to reduce waste, use 10% less electricity per liter produced in 2020, use 10% less glass and cardboard compared to 2020, and to limit the use of natural gas in the future.