With its extraordinary botanical blend, NOLET’S Silver redefines modern sophistication with a truly extraordinary spirit. At the heart of this unique spirit are three real botanicals: Rose, Peach, and Raspberry.Rose (Rosa Damascena) adds a light, refined air to NOLET’S Silver Gin. Its presence is not overpowering, but instead delicately caresses the senses, infusing the spirit with a floral elegance that is both enchanting and refreshing.Peach (Prunus Persica), lends a fresh, sweet flavor to NOLET’S Silver Gin. The essence of perfectly ripe peaches are captured and distilled, resulting in a subtle yet delightful fruity undertone.Raspberry (Rubus Ideaus) introduces a robust, slightly tart flavor that balances the floral and fruity notes. It adds depth and complexity to NOLET’S Silver Gin, making every sip an intriguing journey of taste.

Juniper berries, a fundamental requirement for gin, are also a part of NOLET’S Silver Gin’s botanical blend. Beyond these, a secret botanical base recipe is used that invites discerning drinkers to embark on a journey of taste and discovery. These botanicals all undergo an exacting process to extract their essence. Fruits, flowers, spices, and herbs are individually macerated and then distilled, resulting in an perfectly balanced blend of flavors and aromas.

What truly sets NOLET’S Silver Gin apart is its versatility. It’s a cocktailing gin that offers a canvas for mixologists and enthusiasts to craft their own unique creations. Whether it’s a classic Gin + Tonic that blooms with the floral rose notes or a Silver Martini served up with a twist, NOLET’S Silver Gin adds a fresh and pleasantly surprising twist to cocktail recipes.

NOLET’S Silver Gin is a celebration of the botanical craft, an invitation to savor the unique and embrace the unexpected.