Gin pairings, cocktails and confections.

After a great meal, no matter what is consumed, a sweet finale always punctuates the celebration. 

“A match made in heaven” is what we call a couple who are perfectly paired. When food and drinks are paired well, it’s much the same. “Ginstronomy” is a term that Australians are using for their explosion of gin in food pairings. Gin is so versatile that makes good sense. So, it is not crazy for a bright, fruit forward gin like NOLET’S Silver to be paired with a sumptuous dessert. Yes, a dessert… and the result of this marriage is quite pleasing to all the senses.

It makes sense because, “your nose always knows” literally, to coin a cliché. Scientifically, “80% of our flavor experience is actually determined by our sense of smell,” according to Bernard Lahousse, Scientist and Foodpairing® founder. NOLET’S Silver is made with Turkish rose, peach and raspberry botanicals. Take a whiff… the fruity notes come through quite naturally, so it’s easy to smell how the floral bouquet  will be quite harmonious with similar flavors (and aromas) in food. They do not need to be literal, rather, they should complement one another, just like that perfect couple.

For example, The Palm Court at the Plaza in NY recently featured NOLET’S in a spectacular multi dimensional summer dessert pairing, exciting and delightful to all the senses. Highlighting the botanicals in NOLET’S Silver began with a riff on peaches n’ cream. Next up was The James’ Peachtree Fizz cocktail which was paired with a Summer Verrine of peach & verbena tea sorbet with raspberry & rose compote, garnished with peach flower, rose petals & grapefruit pearls atop a juniper pound cake. Another option available was a Gin Blush + Hibiscus cocktail that was served with a Hibiscus/Violet Vacherin made of juniper pound cake topped with lychee/rose ice cream, raspberry and rose coulis, coconut cream gelee garnished with violet chantilly, crystallized flowers and blackcurrant pearls. These cocktails are available in our Recipe Section to be paired with desserts of your choosing.

Dessert pairings add an unexpected twist to entertaining and are gaining momentum on menus everywhere. At home, it can be as simple as a standard Silver Gin and Tonic served with an orange peel garnish and orange sorbet for dessert. However and wherever you dine, try sweetening the experience with a sumptuous gin cocktail pairing.