Gin, a most versatile spirit, gained it’s popularity as a stellar base for mixing a profusion of cocktails.  From “The Bramble” to “The Aviation” to the classic “Bloodhound”, gin is a crucial element in some of the world’s most adventurous cocktails.  Gin is the default wingman to Tonic, the super hero wonder twin of Vermouth, and is involved in a polyamorous relationship with a range of citrus juices.  Gin is fantastic in all of these cocktails, many of which you can discover in our recipe library, but everything, every now and again, needs some “alone time”.

Craft cocktails are the libations d’ jour; foodie-inspired combinations of intense flavor profiles crowned with extreme garnishes. In a natural reaction to this, “neat” gin is causing a stir for purest gin lovers. Until now, gin has been typecast the straight man, the good cop, or the best supporting actor.  The guy who was right in front of her eyes the whole time, but she didn’t realize it until the end of the movie.  A great character actor, but maybe not a movie star.  What happens when gin is given a shot at the lead role?  It may surprise you.

As writer Clay Risen in The Atlantic muses, “On a steamy day straight gin is pure bliss.”

Complex and luxurious to the palate, NOLET’S Reserve Dry Gin is crafted to be the literal gold standard for gin. This is the one that gets the girl; the VIP; the North Star.  Served neat, straight up (over ice) or chilled (poured over ice then strained), all the unnecessary mixers and garnishes melt into the background, deemed irrelevant. The exquisite botanical notes, elegant saffron and verbena combine with subtle juniper to create a unique flavour and an exceptional golden spirit; one that needs no mixing. From the aromatics to mellow smooth swirl across the palate, to the aftertaste, the luxury of the Reserve is unequivocal.

It’s time to rediscover gin, in its pure form. Stay gold.