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After a great meal, no matter what is consumed, a sweet finale always punctuates the celebration.  “A match made in heaven” is what we call a couple who are perfectly paired. When food and drinks are paired well, it’s much the same. “Ginstronomy” is a term that Australians are using for their explosion of gin […]

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Ice, Ice Baby

Marie Claire recommends NOLET’S Silver for a Chill Summer Cocktail. Mixologist Julie Reiner of Clover Club in Brooklyn whips up a frozen NOLET’S Silver Gin drink, The Roman Holiday. This slushy libation will inspire and cool down every summer celebration. Sweet strawberries combined with bitter Campari make for a fashionable twist on a classic Gin lemonade.

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Clearly, It’s Time To Clean Up Your Ice

Participating in the cocktail revolution requires mixing the finest spirits crafted with fresh ingredients, assembled with stunning bar tools, and served in memorable glassware. Too bad the ice from the freezer is destroying your cocktails. As we enjoy the cocktail revival and all the beautiful and creative aspects of the culture of imbibing, the trickiest […]
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