NOLET’S Silver
Winter Lemonade

Our wonderfully simple, luxurious Winter Lemonade takes advantage of the sweet winter crop of Meyer Lemons and, combined with NOLET’S botanicals in NOLET’S Silver, makes a most delicious result.

1.25 oz. NOLET’S Silver Gin
1 oz. Meyer Lemon Juice
4 oz. Filtered Water
1 Tablespoon Bakers (Caster) Sugar
Lemon Zest

Combine all ingredients, except water, in a mixing glass with ice. Shake and pour contents directly into a highball glass. Top with filtered water and Meyer lemon zest.

For a Batch (to make 8-10 servings)
1 1/4 cups NOLET’S Silver Gin

1 cup Meyer Lemon Juice
3 cups Filtered Water
4 Tbsp. Bakers (Caster) Sugar

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher or drink dispenser with lemon wheels and ice. Check sweetness and adjust accordingly. A large, dense ice block melts slower and dilutes the cocktail less.