NOLET’S Silver
Grapefruit Refresher

We love this simple cooler for brunch, on a hot day, or as a post-holiday reviver. Easy to assemble, this needs no fancy tools, just NOLET’S Silver, a grapefruit, coconut water, and ginger beer with optional garnish.

1.5 oz. NOLET’S Silver Gin
2 oz. Coconut Water
A Squeeze of Grapefruit + Wheels for Garnish
Ginger Beer (about 1.5 oz.)
Dash of Grapefruit Bitters
Candied Ginger & Mint for Garnish

In a highball glass with ice & grapefruit wheels along the walls, build the cocktail in the order of ingredients, giving it a small stir after topping with the ginger beer. Garnish with candied ginger & mint.