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NOLET’S Silver Gin

NOLET'S Silver Gin features a unique combination of botanicals never before used in gin that was created for a new generation of gin drinkers. The floral and fruit-forward gin is bottled at 47.6% Alc./Vol. (95.2 Proof).

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Taste of the 10th and 11th Generation

Eleventh generation sons, Carl Jr. and Bob Nolet, collaborated with their father Carolus Sr. to create NOLET'S Silver. NOLET'S Silver is an undeniably modern take on gin, relfecting the tastes and preferences of a new generation. Carl Jr. and Bob invite you to experience NOLET'S Silver Classic Cocktail Collection.

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NOLET'S Silver features fresh notes of Turkish rose, peach and raspberry. These botanicals were specially selected and are individually macerated and then distilled to give the gin its distinctive, all-natural flavor and aroma.

Peach (Prunes Persica) lends a fresh, sweet flavor to NOLET'S Silver.

Turkish rose (Rosa Damascena) adds a light, refined air to NOLET'S Silver.

Raspberry (Rubus ideaus) lends a robust, slightly tart flavor to NOLET'S Silver.

The Distillery

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Celebrating 325 Years

Over 325 Years of Distilling History and Nolet Family Expertise.

Every batch of NOLET'S Silver is distilled and bottled at Royal Nolet Distillery in Schiedam, Holland, using a recipe created by Carolus Nolet, Sr. in collaboration with this sons, Carl Jr. and Bob.

NOLET'S Silver's gin base is distilled with select gin botanicals using small copper pot stills. Its signature botanicals – Turkish rose, peach and raspberry – are individually macerated and then distilled to yield the highest concentration and purity of natural flavors and aromas. The gin base and botanical extracts are then married and allowed to rest in order to achieve a perfect balance of flavors and aromas. To maintain the best standard of quality, every batch is approved by a Nolet family member and bottled at the Royal Nolet Distillery in Schiedam, Holland.



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